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utopia:dystopia is a series of exhibitions and events in the city of Bath, inspired by the 500th anniversary of the publication of Utopia ,Thomas More’s reflections on the concept of an ideal society.Through artworks, performance, projection, poetry and discussion,more than a hundred contributors explore what these twin concepts might mean today. utopia:dystopia is a series of personal reflections on the best of our aspirations and the worst of our failures to achieve them.

utopia:dystopia is part of the FaB16 festival

This Utopia-Themed art events includes following programm:

  • utopia:dystopia in conversation

May 28 1.30 for 2 - 5.30 A free and open conversation for anyone to join in. Lead speakers are the historian, writer and critic Rachel Withers, exploring how utopia and dystopia have manifested themselves in culture since the time of Thomas More; Kate Rigby, author of Changing the Climate: Utopia, Dystopia and Catastrophe; Linda Williams, an environmental humanities specialist, on imagining the future. The conversation is preceded and concluded by short tours through Bath, conducted by the celebrated walker artist, Richard White. He helps to uncover some of hidden dystopias in this most Utopian of cities. Both walks start from reception, Bath School of Art and Design.

  • utopia:dystopia in the mind

May 28 - June 12 10 - 6 Free Opening May 27 6 - 9 In a subterranean setting at 94 Walcot Street, just five minutes walk from the companion exhibition at Walcot Chapel, the mood is much darker. The much mourned writer, J.G.Ballard, said that the true dystopia is the dystopia of the mind. This exhibition explores the unquiet mind, inviting visitors to face some the dystopias we carry within us.

  • utopia:dystopia in the world

May 28 - June 12 10 - 6 Free Opening May 27 6 - 9 At Walcot Chapel the idea is floating in the air that there is currently a shared utopian project underway across a globe - to transform humankind’s troubled relationship with the natural order. Many millions believe that, if this utopian dream is not fully realised, the dystopian consequences will be unprecedented in human history.

Visual artists from around the world respond to these ideas.

  • utopia:dystopia in performance

1. May 28 - 30 Throughout day Free EXISTENTIAL PET SHOP with Marc Parrett, kinetic artist

2. June 4 Throughout day Free Presentations throughout the afternoon featuring FOWL by Ruby Tingle ADDICTION by Alexandra Fraser, Marie Lister and Duncan Shaw

3. June 5 Throughout day Free ADDICTION performances 3 - 4.30 Conversations with artists and public, plus contributions from the poet and environmentalist Helen Moore

  • Liberated Words presents Poetry Films by leading international artists exploring the themes of utopia:dystopia

June 2 7.30 including live dance performance June 9 7.30 including live poetry presentation £5/£3 concs

Please find more details via their website:

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