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With ideas, perseverance and passion, many people have helped our world to advance, improving the lives of millions. We deem these people Great Utopians.


Thomas More’s publication of “Utopia” in 1516 inspires us to re-define our society in order to create positive change around us. There are so many brilliant and inspiring people that are helping make the world a better place. However, these talented people are often not receiving the recognition that they deserve. So we are on a mission of global scale to identify and celebrate the actions of people across the world making positive contributions to society.


Of course we cannot do it alone. We need help from people like you, yes you!

Why take part?


  • You can become part of the Global League of Utopian Schools that can connect, share and ultimately create collaborative networks with other people from around the world;

  • You have the opportunity to inspire others with your stories about the people you know who have helped make the world a better place

  • You can join others in striving for a better society;

  • You can improve your languages skills and gain new experiences by connecting with other participants across the world; 

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