So far, Utopia500 team has had over than 70 international trainees from different fields of study and coming from various parts of the world.

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Klara Avsec




My name is Klara and I am currently pursuing a degree in Media Communications at the University of Maribor, Slovenia. Joining the dynamic team of Utopia 500 seemed like the perfect opportunity to gain more experience working in the areas I am deeply interested in – media, collective action and the issues of human rights, while exploring the charmingly vibrant city of Porto. Being a part of an extremely multicultural and diverse environment served as a powerful reminder that the answer to most global issues of today can only be found in unity. In a world as divided as ours, a true utopia can only be reached when we harness the power of the collective.

Emira Gerguri



My name is Emira and I come from Kosovo. I am currently doing my BA in International Relations at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. I also lived in Northern Cyprus, making Portugal my third country living abroad, but so far it is the one that I impressed me the most. It was very exciting to be living in Porto and most of the time I would be the first Kosovar person Portuguese people had ever met in their lives so this was a way to represent Kosovo. Utopia500 was an amazing experience and every day was exciting and there was something new to do. It made me become more aware of the problems we are facing today as a society, the risks posed to the environment and what we can do to help. Utopia500 made it able for me to hold a session about the Sworn Virgins of Albania - Burrneshat and also about Women’s Rights in Kosovo. A truly unforgettable experience!  Unfortunately, I got to stay here for only 2 months but every day was more memorable than the other. The Utopia500 team has amazing people and all of us were active and ready to offer our help to try and make an impact on the world.

Emily Stott

United States



My name is Emily and I’m from Beverly, Massachusetts.  I am going into my fourth year at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire as a Creative Writing and Literature major.  I have a strong interest in Literature, particularly postmodernism, but I enjoy learning about different cultures and finding ways to be creative.  I have family in both the Azores and Porto, so Utopia500 is the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about this beautiful city and interact with its community.  I’m very excited to join this diverse team and expand my thinking as a utopian!

Daniele Ligato



My name is Daniele, I'm from Italy.

I lived most of my life in a little village of Southern Italy, Melicuccà, in the province of Reggio Calabria, but I then moved to study at the University of Pavia where I Graduated in Computer Engeneering. In these last years, I became more and more interested in building a better world, through both reducing our ecological footprint as a single human and with activist groups like Utopia500. I truly believe in the combined power of the little action such as not using disposable plastic and buying things in a more mindful and responsible way. Due to my interest, I realized that Utopia500 was the project for me, and the amazing Team I found as soon as I arrived in Porto confirmed it. The city is really beautiful, both from an artistic/architectural point of view and for the great vibes that it transmits. I discovered places from Ponte Dom Luís I bridge to Clerigos tower and attended events from ESN to the Utopia500 workshop that led to the discovery of the less famous part of Porto, the little town of Valongo. In the end, I think this will be an absolutely positive experience and I'm grateful for having had this possibility.

Miguel Ohnesorge



My name is Miguel Ohnesorge and I spent most of my life in the cosy town of Goettingen in the heart of Germany. I did my BA in History and Philosophy at the University of Kassel and will proceed to an MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge later this year. For me, Utopia 500 was a good opportunity to stay longer in the wonderful city of Porto after spending an Erasmus term and bridge the time between my undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The project offered me an interesting insight into the why’s and how’s of ecological activism. I especially enjoyed the collaborative work we did together with the High School of Valongo and different public institutions like the Serralves Museum of Modern Art. 

Marina Girgis



My name is Marina, from Milan, Italy. I completed my degree in Communication, Innovation, Multimodality at the University of Pavia, a small city near Milan. When the opportunity arose to go on an Erasmus Traineeship I wanted to find some place I really felt could enrich me. Even though my field of studies is unrelated it was my personal passion for the mission of Utopia500 that in the end brought me here. This is a place where I feel I can put my skills to good use for something I really believe in. I've had so many great opportunities at Utopia500 to do that and it's amazing to see the results of what we work on. I was lucky enough to be on a great team but above all the work environment is something I aspire to find again in the future. This traineeship has been a wonderful experience, in this gorgeous city, and it gives me hope that we can really bring Utopia to life.

Isabel Relvas


My name is Isabel, and I am from Porto, Portugal.
I completed a semester in Law School at the Faculty of Law in Porto, but decided it wasn´t the right course, so will be switching to Languages, Literatures and Cultures in the Fall, also in Porto. 
Utopia500 became a very interesting opportunity during what would have been my second semester at Law School, to be able to get a broad introduction into studies related to Languages and Humanities. 
And so far, I have had an amazing experience helping out at Utopia500 and its several projects, also learning a lot about the environment and how to be more sustainable, in order to be able to save our planet before it becomes too late. 
I am very grateful for the experience and hope to be able to repeat such an experience in the future, during my Masters or as an Erasmus student. 

Kenneth Erhabor


My name is Kenneth Erhabor; a Nigerian studying World Politics at the University of Pavia, Italy. Aside discussing global politics with like-minded individuals, I am also a filmmaker and motion designer with a special focus on visual effects (VFX), CGI and animation. Joining Utopia 500 has been both a privilege and a pleasure as I have had the opportunity to contribute to not just an idea of a better world but to one that has the desire to save a dying planet. As the first African to join this organization, I take it upon myself to spread the core messages and principles of the Utopian idea among my people especially as we are beginning to feeling the brunt of global problems such as climate change because we are not immune or isolated from these issues as much as the rest of the world. I hope to tell stories through film and animation about the possibility of creating a better world with a sustainable environment, better living standards and equality for all irrespective of race, gender or religion. Joining Utopia 500 is my first step in this direction and I am very thankful for the opportunity.

Tamás Antal



My name is Tamás Antal, and I am from Hungary. I am studying finance at the Corvinus University of Budapest and philosophy at the Eötvös Loránd University. I was a member of the College for Advanced Studies in Social Theory, where we were dealing with topics like environmentalism, green and ethical economics, postmodernism, feminism, postcolonialism and post marxism, so the Utopia500 project was the best choice to match my interests. I had visited Porto before, so I knew it was a really nice and interesting place where I could spend a really amazing few months and I am not disappointed. :)

Stefano Mingolla


Ciao a tutti!


I am Stefano Mingolla and I am from a little village in the mountains in the north of Italy. I really love the area where I live, it is the perfect place to practice sports, to take walks surrounded by nature and to breathe clean air...or should I say this was what I thought. I discovered that my city is one of the most polluted in the entire Italy, with dramatic consequences for the health of the local population and for the environment. For this reason, after my bachelor’s degree in business administration, I understood how important it is to change direction if we want to provide a better environment for the future generation, and in turn a better quality of life. Thus, I changed city and tried a new adventure in Ferrara, a UNESCO world Heritage city. I chose the masters programme in Green Economy and Sustainability and this has been the best decision that I have ever made because after that, my mind changed completely. I learned English, started to travel, and met people from all over the world. Currently, I am in Porto to conclude my last 3 exams and at the same time I am working with Utopia500 team. I am very happy to be here, enjoying this beautiful city, its history, the ocean, and at the same time working in a fantastic team. They are not only my colleagues, they are my new friends.

Sara López Barreiro



I am Sara from Spain. I am currently studying Mass Media at University of Vigo in Galicia.

I always had a fascination for nature photography, documentaries and environmental education. For that reason, I knew that I would like Utopia 500 because it is more than a project, it is an opportunity where we can share our ideas with all the members and get a united team. With them, I carried out different workshops such as 'Sustainability in Serra de Valongo' at primary schools of Valongo and 'Ecological Footprint' at Valongo High School. Both workshops deal with the issue of ecology and the importance of taking care of our planet, but always from a positive perspective, encouraging students to participate and be aware that together we can help the planet.

Although my Internship in Utopia 500 was only 3 months long, I had an incredible experience that gave me the strength to continue on this path in the following stages of my life.

Antonija Samaržija




My name is Antonija and I come from the small island of Pag, located in Croatia. I have graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, department Cultural Studies of the University of Rijeka. Currently I am attending a Master's degree, at the same department. Even though I got my Bachelor's degree on gender equality, my interests are also media, music, environment, art and anthropology. Since my field of study is culture, and culture is present in various fields of our everyday life, project Utopia 500 seemed like a perfect opportunity to gain work experience involving things I love. Not only things I love, but the things that help the environment, communities and individuals to grow. Besides this, I met new lovely people with whom working is a joy. And beyond all of it, I got a chance to explore and enjoy the city of Porto where culture and people are amazing! 

Nina Licul



My name is Nina and I am a Master degree student of Cultural studies from Croatia. Even though I come from a small village in Istria, I can describe myself as an open- minded person and curious to learn and explore what is different from my culture. Since I can remember, I love to read books and create images and scenarios in my head just the way I want them to be. Maybe because of that, I don’t want to stop imagining our planet as a beautiful and perfect place for people to enjoy and live every day for a long time. I don’t want the negative side of our planet to overcome. I don’t want us to remember our planet as a great place to have lived in, but also to remain imperative for all future generations.

That’s why Utopia 500 presented to me as a chance to make everything I imagine a bit more realistic. Working in an environment that contributes towards environmental sustainability, equality, unity, multiculturality and all the other issues that can make this world a better place, I feel more confident about making a change. By participating in different workshops, presentations and discussions, each day I am becoming more aware that I am making a huge impact as an individual. An individual which is making a difference on her own, but that can only succeed in association with others.

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