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“The challenge of talking about sex with young people”

Updated: May 13, 2020

On 30th January, 2020, IndieJunior Allianz – Porto organized a debate in the Rectorate of Porto University with the contribution of professionals (school teachers, psychologists, artists) and guests. The aim was to reach answers that contribute to a better relationship with sex education, between parents and children, school and students. The film that inspired this debate was Preliminaries, by Anne van Campenhout; a fun and uncomplicated documentary about how sex education is taught in a school in The Netherlands.

The film addresses issues such as consent, pornography, the desire versus the need to have sex and the difference between sex and sexuality. The media projects an idea that we should have an active sex life, in some way or another. Young people can feel abnormal if the y do not have this very active sexual life that is presented to them. This hyper-sexualised portrayal of what consists of a normal ‘sex life’ can lead young people to feel embarrassed and ashamed and not want to talk about their own, real sex life; especially for the youth who sometimes have difficulty recognizing certain situations.