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FICIS 2016 Braga

A NEW WAY OF THINKING was the motto of FICIS 2015 (International Forum for Smart and Sustainable Communities), a leading event of Smart Cities, which marked a new agenda geared towards the welfare and future of the Communities. The 2015 edition had 1096 visitors, 51 exhibitors, 35 speakers and moderators, from 11 countries that shared the latest trends and innovations, in the same place.

UTOPIA is the motto of FICIS 2016 celebrating the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s UTOPIA.

FICIS 2016 focuses on strengthening the reputation and affirmation of the region in local and global context, as pole of attraction based on innovation for happy, smart and sustainable communities. It presents an integrated and transversal vision of the main areas in the field of Smart Cities.


  • Accreditation



  • Coffee break

  • SMART CITIES: FUTURE IDEAS City visualization; Big data challenges; Apps for society

  • Lunch

  • SUSTAINABILITY AND ENVIRONMENT Green economy; Climate solutions; Green growth

  • Coffee break

  • URBAN REGENERATION Smart urban regeneration; The future for urban sustainability; Urban infrastructures

  • Closing session


  • Accreditation

  • Opening session

  • UTOPIA: THE CITY HUMAN SCALE Liveable cities; Citizen engagement and participation

  • Coffee break

  • CITIES INTELIGENCE Urban solutions & Technology; Public and private technology improvements Lunch

  • SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY Smart mobility solutions; Sharing urban mobility services; Transit Oriented Development

  • Coffee break

  • ECONOMY AND GOVERNANCE Smart & Open Government; Public-private collaboration


It is also the meeting point for experts and leaders of Smart Cities, companies, research centres, universities, national and international technological companies and public and private sectors. Moreover, the FICIS 2016 presents and integrated and transversal vision of the main advances for smart, sustainable and inclusive development of the regions and municipalities. It is a promoting factor in the development of partnerships at a global level, in a context of creating a network between companies in the Euro-region and their strategic partners, promoting synergies and dynamics of the business.

It gathers cities, opinion leaders, experts and companies with ideas and capability to turn these ideas into a reality, all sharing the same place where ideas and projects for Smart Cities become reality. We are sure that the Smart Cities cannot exist without Smart Citizens.

Welcome to FICIS 2016.

For More Information: WWW.FICIS.PT Or click HERE to download the Brochure for FICIS 2016

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