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Keynote speaker of the 17th International Conference of the Utopia Studies Society/Europe: Dr. Marie

Marie-Claire Phélippeauon "The Poetics of Waters in 16th and 17th Century Utopias"- RSA, New York, March 2014

Dr. Marie-Claire Phelippeau is the editor-in-chief of Moreana, the international journal dedicated to Thomas More Studies, founded in 1963.

She completed her doctorate at the Sorbonne in Paris and then became Professor of Language and Literature at Lycée Joffre in Montpellier (Hérault), France.

She works for the Centre of Thomas More Studies, a cultural association which promotes the study of Thomas More. The Centre of Thomas More Studies is a network where professors can organize conferences and courses on Utopian Studies, it collects publications and academic material on Thomas More and grants scholarships for research and advanced studies on the subject.

Recently, Dr. Phelippeau has been working on a new biography of Thomas More.

In July 2016, Dr. Phelippeau will be a keynote speaker at the 17th International Conference of the Utopia Studies Society/Europe, enriching the conference with her great knowledge and her many years of experience in the field of Utopian Studies.

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