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By participating in the competition you will automatically become a member of the League of Utopian Schools (LUS), which will function as a collaborative global network. The LUS is founded on the belief that education for active citizenship is the path to a better world. By establishing links between schools across the globe we hope to facilitate the spread of positive ideas for our collective future. 


All shortlisted competition entries will be published here on our website. That way you can find out what other schools have come up with and introduce them in your own communities. 

Food and the role it plays in our daily lives is experienced differently all over the world. Many of us are fortunate to live in plenty, with the cupboards always stocked up. However, nearly 1 billion of the world’s population goes hungry each day. The question of food waste has drastically different implications for each country and community, and we’re therefore expecting a great level of diversity amongst competition entries. 


The League of Utopian Schools will function as an educational community for learning about the role of food in different cultures and countries across the globe. We will develop an international partnership scheme, building links between schools in different countries in order for students to learn about the way in which food is experienced in other cultures. This will help to develop an understanding of the broad implications and consequences of our global food system.

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