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What does an amusement park without electricity look like?

In Treviso (Italy) there is an amusement park that works without electricity. This park was built entirely by Bruno Ferrin. It is an environmentally friendly park built entirely from recycled materials, one can even speak of an eco-park.

The idea of the tavern

From 1960 to 1980, Bruno Ferrin was a yeast representative. Since the bakers worked from 4am to noon, he had to get up at 3am to meet them. Since he had a lot of free time in the afternoons, he came up with the idea of opening a tavern. He immediately talked about it with his wife Marisa, who was enthusiastic about the idea. It was 1969 when he found this poplar forest on the hill between Nervesa and Santa Croce. "I built a metal sheet shack and everything started from there".

15 June 1969

The first day of the opening was 15 June 1969. In the middle of the poplar forest there are 4 tables with: sausages, soppressa, white and red wine. At first they thought nobody would come, but then two guys came and then four, ten, twenty people. In two-three hours it was all over. "What enthusiasm in the night!”. That's how the "Osteria ai Pioppi" was born.

The idea of the Luna Park

One day Bruno needed hooks to repair the chains. So he went to the blacksmith, who, annoyed by the request, replied that he had no time for such trifles. He told him that if he could weld, the tools were there and he could use them. “Anyway, at the end I built the first game, a swing”. Bruno says. Then he decided to build toys for children: the classic children's slide, the seesaw, and gradually even more ambitious projects took shape, from trampolines to vines, from Ferris wheels to roller coasters. There are 45 attractions in this amusement park that work thanks to the energy of the users. For example, the Loop of Death, where you have to pedal to ride the whole loop, or the roller coaster that works with weight force. You can enjoy these attractions without polluting the air. You can even talk about an eco-park, located in the middle of nature in a forest with chestnut trees, plane trees, elms, beeches, birches and poplars.

Are the attractions safe?

Yes, of course! The park is checked and maintained daily. To ensure everyone's safety and peace of mind, the entire project has been designed and checked by qualified draughtsmen and engineering consultants from Treviso to control the flow rates and pressure and to carry out the tests. The "UNI laws in force", which mainly refer to electric attractions, are hardly applicable and verifiable in terms of compatibility, because the attractions only work thanks to the power of those who use them, the electricity is not so important. The 40-metre high slide is the only attraction that requires a minimum of electricity to start the trolley with the people (90€/year).

Since 1969 until today

The English newspaper "The Guardian" has included its creation in its ranking of the 10 most bizarre attractions in the world. So what are you waiting for? Break away from your boring daily routine and immerse yourself in the world of green fun.

After all these years, Bruno still says: “I love this place too much. This environment, this air, the silence: you only hear the rustle of the leaves and the birds singing. When I spend the days here and then I arrive home at night, I feel that I have lived”.

Written by Matilda D'Urso

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