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COVID-19? It’s not a problem for the summer sports!

Let’s practice sports without worries this summer. Being closer to nature and away from people might be your perfect activity for "COVID times".

In summer, there are a lot of sports which are perfect to enjoy with no worries about Covid-19. Most of them can be practiced outside and in many cases it’s not necessary to spend too much money or to do it with other people. Just you and nature, no matter countryside or close to the beach, there are always great sports to play.

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Talking about beach sports, it’s easy to find fun activities that can be practiced in a group or alone. For example, two of the cheapest sports that could be attractive this summer are snorkeling and simple beach tennis, played with wood rackets; also, there is another version of beach tennis, a more professional version that requires a net, and it’s present this summer in many beaches- it is not as cheap as the first one, but you can find summer schools where you can practice it regularly.

Another two popular net sports with the same features are beach volleyball and footvolley. Both of them have great summer tournaments with different levels to participate in. Amongst water sports, surfing is still undoubtedly the king of summer sports.

However, relaxing paddle surfing has become very popular recently. Finally, in this category, we find the most expensive water sports: windsurfing and sky surfing; fortunately, those sports are amazing unforgettable activities with affordable courses that you could find interesting to do.

Moreover, if you feel like practicing sports closer to the mountains is what you really want to do this summer, there are some interesting options to consider too: trailing, trekking, mountain biking or climbing. Nowadays it’s easier to find good options for different levels and courses to do with professional experienced supervisors who are going to take care of you, as well as ensure that the group has a wonderful and exciting risk-free experience. Otherwise, if you are alone and you don’t feel prepared at all for doing a mountain activity, it might be better not to take the risk.

Furthermore, we recommend you take into account your physical fitness or possible illnesses or conditions which you should be mindful of, in order to enjoy your activities without problems. Warming up to prevent injuries before starting any intense activities is the best way to start your summer sports adequately. So, yoga would be a great option for the summer, as you can practice it in any beautiful and quiet garden or park; a summer sport, healthy for the body and for the spirit.

Now, it’s just left to choose an activity that will bring you happiness and fill you up with positive energy this summer, in family or alone. Many places are waiting for you to discover them during your sport activities, just use your imagination.

Written by: Fayna Sánchez Santana

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