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Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie

Born: 25 June 1936

Nationality: Indonesia

Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie is one of the most renowned Indonesia engineer. Born in southern part of Sulawesi, he takes decisive role in government by being the minister of research and technology for twenty years. In March 1998, he was appointed the position of vice president, a position he held for three months before succeeding Soeharto as the president of the country.

Habibie spent much of his education in Germany, studying on aviation and aerospace engineering. He finished his doctoral degree in 1965 with a thesis that studies light construction for supersonic or hypersonic states. Habibie also developed theories on thermodynamics, construction, and aerodynamics known as the Habibie Factor, Habibie Theorem, and Habibie Method, respectively.

As part of Indonesia’s drive to industrialize and develop the country. Habibie was appointed as the CEO of new state-owned company aiming in developing Indonesia’s aviation industry. By 1991, Habibie oversaw ten state-owned industries including ship- and train-building, steel, arms, communications, and energy. Under Habibie's leadership, it became a manufacturer of aircraft including Puma helicopters and CASA planes. It pioneered a small passenger airplane, the N-250 Gatokaca, in 1995

Although he only held the Presidency for one and a half year, he made several reform efforts that is vital for early development of democracy in Indonesia. Under Habibie, Indonesia made significant changes to its political system that expanded competition and freedom of speech. Shortly after taking office, in June 1998, Habibie's government lifted the Suharto-era restriction on political parties and ended censorship by dissolving the Information Ministry. He also enacted some election laws that reduced the number of seats in parliament held by the military, and barred political activity by civil servants

Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie is one of the Great Utopians for his influential works on the aviation industry as well as his efforts in bringing a more democratic system in Indonesia.

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