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Nikolas Asimos

Born: 20th August 1949

Died: 17th March 1988

Nationality: Greek

Νikolas Asimos (real name: Nikolas Asimopoulos) was born in 1949 in Thessaloniki. At the age of 18 he moved to Athens to study at the Faculty of Philosophy. From a young age his artistic vein was made evident by his participation in theater groups, but his biggest love was music and the guitar. He became a self-taught music writer and appeared in many Athenian music halls, along with other musicians.

Asimos was an authentically rebellious character during a conservative period for Greek society; he ignored all warnings of the censorship and the police concerning the lyrics of his songs and therefore was arrested several times. The haunt and the spiritual core of his unconventional political and artistic action was Exarchia, where he met and interacted with interesting alternative artists and movements. His unconventional character led to his political and artistic isolation, his placement into a psychiatric clinic and a number of unsuccessful suicide attempts. Crushed by fear of the asylum, Asimos hanged himself on 17th March 1988. He was the greatest troubadour of the anarchist movement in Greece and one of the figures that created Exarcheia’s environment of radical thinking and practice.

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