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  • Ana Souto Villanustre

Cities and Memory: Sounds of Utopia

The aim of the project Cities and Memory: Utopia is to create a soundtrack for the imaginary land described by Thomas More in his work of fiction Utopia. Thanks to the collaboration of artists from different parts of the world the fictional island society of Utopia has sound.

You are now able to explore Utopia through an interactive map and rediscover the through music as never before. Had you ever wondered how the place would sound or how the people would live? You have now the chance to get immersed in the world of Utopia from a different perspective.

Despite the fact there are only a few references to sound in the book, the group of artists has achieved to create a playlist that is available online for you to travel backward and forward through the intricate pathways of Utopia.

For more information please check the following link, where you will also find the interactive map and the playlist:

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