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Billions in Change

In a world where most people can’t imagine living without the internet, more than half the human population still does not have power. In a world where the majority of our food is wasted, there are still millions of people starving to death. This is why initiatives like Billions in Change are so important.

In 2004, the 5-hour Energy drink was launched in California, USA by Living Essentials, a company founded by Manoj Bhargava. The product was a great success and soon the company was making huge profits. But the difference between this company and other similar overnight successes is significant. Instead of keeping the profits for his own benefit, Manoj Bhargava decided to invest them into a project which may be able to revolutionise the world.

Billions in Change is a project in which top scientists are working to improve existing technology which can be used in the future by millions of people. They are trying to create real solutions to real problems.

The official website says that their main goal is to provide water, energy and health care to those who need it. According to Bhargava, these three things are essential in preventing crime, poverty and guaranteeing the conditions for humanity’s development. One of the most important things that Billions in Change is trying to do is provide energy to everybody in the world. They have created a special kind of a bike which charges a battery and guarantees power for around 24 hours, making you safe during blackouts and power cuts. The 12-Volt battery that the bike powers provides around 300 Watt-hours of electricity. A project, Free Electric, is taking place right now in India. In March 2016, Billions in Change put 25 of these bikes into energy-poor households, schools, and small businesses in villages to test the product. If the project is successful the bikes will be produced globally. What is even more special about this initiative is that the energy produced is pollution free.

The next thing worth mentioning is the Rain Maker. This machine turns salty or dirty water into clean and drinkable water. The device mimics nature. First it heats the water and then the steam is distilled to produce fresh water. The goal of this project is to build barges with Rain Makers on board to produce fresh water from the oceans and seas.

The Renew project helps keep people healthy. It is based on immunotherapy. The ECP (External Counter Pulsation) machine is intended to improve circulation from the lower body to the core in order to help the heart. This project means that many diseases, especially cardiac-related ones, can be treated. What is more important is that the Renew project is non-invasive, and a really simple mechanism to help keep people in better shape.

Billions in Change does not need your financial support, but it does still need your help. Rather than donating money, it’s more important for the project that you talk about the idea with your friends and family. You can do this by sharing information about the initiative on social media. Utopia500 supports this concept and wishes it a lot of success. If you want to find out more about project, watch the film they have recently made and take a look at their website . We’re hoping that this fantastic idea will spread around the world and help millions of people. We’re more than sure that we will hear a lot more about Billions in Change in the near future.

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