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A school that teaches solidarity: The Sunday School of Immigrants in Athens

The education system has always been closely connected with the dominant class and its interests. An instrument of ideological reproduction and enforcement of the absolute Truth looks like an a priori enemy of emancipation. However, various educational projects challenge this dominant perception and try to realize a liberating model of education. One of them is the Sunday School of Immigrants in Athens, which is aiming at teaching the Greek language to immigrants and refugees, in order to facilitate their everyday life, as well as the claiming of their rights. We had a discussion with Elena Papageorgiou, a volunteer of the School, in order to find out more about this interesting initiative.

Solidarity with refugees, against islamophobia

Evangelos Tsirmpas: How many immigrants and Greek volunteers participate in the Sunday School for Immigrants?

Elena Papageorgiou: The Sunday School for Immigrants has 230 students and 100 volunteers.

E.T.: Apart from the Greek language courses that are offered to immigrants and refugees, what other political and social activities have you developed?

E.P.: Apart from the courses we struggle together for our common rights, by participating in strikes and antiracist-antifascist marches. We also organize antiracist festivals and parties, through which we gather money and materials that are sent to the refugees on the islands.

Gathering of clothes for immigrants and refugees

E.T.: What is the attitude of the state and the society towards your initiative? Have you faced reactions from fascist formations, like Golden Dawn?

E.P.: We have no relationship with the state. The School has been accepted by the movement and has become especially known recently through the solidarity that we developed with the refugees. We have a very good relationship with our neighborhood and therefore the fascists have never bothered us.

Assembly in the Sunday School of Immigrants

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