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So far, Utopia500 team has had over than 70 international trainees from different fields of study and coming from various parts of the world.

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Giulia Conti


My name’s Giulia and I come From Asti, Italy. I’m currently studying International Relations for Cooperation and Development, at Trento University. During my years of study I have found it very interesting to reflect on what development means and in which ways we should implement it, so that it is fair, sustainable and long-lasting. I believe that if our aim is to encourage and drive development, the collaboration with communities and the exchange of ideas are fundamental aspects to take into consideration. This is why I chose to take part in the Utopia 500 project: I found the idea of active action and taking society where we think it should go stimulating and important principles. 
Working with younger generations for me puts a solid foundation of change on the ground. It’s an important and precious task, and I’m happy to be able to do my bit and work towards a fairer society.

Hana Radovanovic



My name is Hana and I am a fifth year psychology student at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of Zagreb. I come from a small town called Pula on the coast of Croatia. I enjoy living and working in an international environment because there is so much to gain from this experience. The Erasmus internship on the Utopia500 project was the perfect choice for me, not only because it is in Portugal, a country that I find so beautiful; but also because the project does something that I believe is really important to spread throughout the world. The topics that we deal with, such as equality of rights for minorities and the preservation of our planet are something that I find necessary to educate children and a lot of other people about. Also, it gives me the opportunity to work with and learn from various people from different parts of the world who are of different professions and backgrounds. This project allows me to propose my own ideas, be creative and make an impact on the community.

Lydia Patrick

United Kingdom


I’m Lydia I am currently studying a BA in Modern Languages (French, Spanish and Portuguese) at the University of Bristol in the UK. I was delighted to find an internship raising awareness for such important global matters, such as gender and environmental issues. Being in the charming city of Porto has opened my mind not only to Portuguese culture, but to the kaleidoscope of cultures and nationalities that belong to my co-workers. Together we have a birds-eye scope of different issues affecting places across the globe. Living here is a great opportunity for me to improve my Portuguese and surprisingly, my general fitness. I am sure that I will be ready to climb mount Everest after 4 months of enduring Porto’s hills! Studying languages has enabled me to cross-culturally examine issues such as gender equality and racism. I have engaged with a wide range of feminist theory and literature that has encouraged me to make a positive change to lift women and challenge our patriarchal society. Being a member of Utopia500, I can use our collective voice to put my beliefs into action. Currently we are promoting workshops raising awareness of Dating Violence and also Collective imagination. I am also passionate about racial and class equality in an increasingly unequal society. As Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are skipping hand in hand towards dystopia; utopians are more crucial than ever to inspire and empower others to fight for a more equal society.

Anna Rikama



I'm Anna from Helsinki, Finland. I'm an anthropologist just graduating from the University of Helsinki. I have studied religions and ways communities pursue a utopian way of life. This has led me to ponder how I might make an impact and create ways for a better world to exist. From the internship, I'm hoping to gain knowledge on how and what these ways could be, while also giving my own input and expertise I have achieved from my studies and general life experience. Utopia500 offers a great opportunity to work in the charming city of Porto. This project is a beautiful experience to be shared amongst colleagues around the world!

Giulia Peroni


Hello, my name is Giulia and I come from a small village scattered in the mountains and vineyards in northern Italy. Three years ago, I moved to Parma to attend University and last December I received my Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences and International Relations. I would like to finish my studies in the same field because, forward thinking, my biggest aim is to become an ambassador. I came to Porto because I really wanted to challenge myself. Working for Utopia 500 is an incredible experience, besides getting to know a lot of smart people, it gives me the opportunity to bring into action and deepen my knowledge of all the issues that I’m already greatly interested in. By participating in workshops in several places and with students of all ages, it has become clear to me that union is strength. After an uncertain time in my life, where I became disillusioned with the idea of uniting to change society; I rediscovered a moral duty- to take a step forward and walk together towards an ideal and utopian horizon.

Farileandro Londoño


My name is Farileandro and I come from Spain, although I am originally from Colombia. I studied International Relations and recently finished a Masters in Latin American Studies. Believing everyone has some potential to make the world a better place, Utopia500 seemed a good opportunity to showcase this in an endeavour to create a more inclusive and welcoming place for all. Having also lived abroad several times, I found Portugal a very interesting country to explore and get to know. Luckily, I have also gotten to work alongside a brilliant team, making this experience even more memorable. All in all, standing for what I value, making meaningful projects and helping people to develop are priorities at this stage of my life and this project is suitable for any person who, like me, wants to gain experience on the many issues Utopia500 addresses.

Klara Avsec




My name is Klara and I am currently pursuing a degree in Media Communications at the University of Maribor, Slovenia. Joining the dynamic team of Utopia 500 seemed like the perfect opportunity to gain more experience working in the areas I am deeply interested in – media, collective action and the issues of human rights, while exploring the charmingly vibrant city of Porto. Being a part of an extremely multicultural and diverse environment served as a powerful reminder that the answer to most global issues of today can only be found in unity. In a world as divided as ours, a true utopia can only be reached when we harness the power of the collective.

Emira Gerguri



My name is Emira and I come from Kosovo. I am currently doing my BA in International Relations at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. I also lived in Northern Cyprus, making Portugal my third country living abroad, but so far it is the one that I impressed me the most. It was very exciting to be living in Porto and most of the time I would be the first Kosovar person Portuguese people had ever met in their lives so this was a way to represent Kosovo. Utopia500 was an amazing experience and every day was exciting and there was something new to do. It made me become more aware of the problems we are facing today as a society, the risks posed to the environment and what we can do to help. Utopia500 made it able for me to hold a session about the Sworn Virgins of Albania - Burrneshat and also about Women’s Rights in Kosovo. A truly unforgettable experience!  Unfortunately, I got to stay here for only 2 months but every day was more memorable than the other. The Utopia500 team has amazing people and all of us were active and ready to offer our help to try and make an impact on the world.

Emily Stott

United States



My name is Emily and I’m from Beverly, Massachusetts.  I am going into my fourth year at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire as a Creative Writing and Literature major.  I have a strong interest in Literature, particularly postmodernism, but I enjoy learning about different cultures and finding ways to be creative.  I have family in both the Azores and Porto, so Utopia500 is the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about this beautiful city and interact with its community.  I’m very excited to join this diverse team and expand my thinking as a utopian!

Daniele Ligato



My name is Daniele, I'm from Italy.

I lived most of my life in a little village of Southern Italy, Melicuccà, in the province of Reggio Calabria, but I then moved to study at the University of Pavia where I Graduated in Computer Engeneering. In these last years, I became more and more interested in building a better world, through both reducing our ecological footprint as a single human and with activist groups like Utopia500. I truly believe in the combined power of the little action such as not using disposable plastic and buying things in a more mindful and responsible way. Due to my interest, I realized that Utopia500 was the project for me, and the amazing Team I found as soon as I arrived in Porto confirmed it. The city is really beautiful, both from an artistic/architectural point of view and for the great vibes that it transmits. I discovered places from Ponte Dom Luís I bridge to Clerigos tower and attended events from ESN to the Utopia500 workshop that led to the discovery of the less famous part of Porto, the little town of Valongo. In the end, I think this will be an absolutely positive experience and I'm grateful for having had this possibility.

Miguel Ohnesorge



My name is Miguel Ohnesorge and I spent most of my life in the cosy town of Goettingen in the heart of Germany. I did my BA in History and Philosophy at the University of Kassel and will proceed to an MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge later this year. For me, Utopia 500 was a good opportunity to stay longer in the wonderful city of Porto after spending an Erasmus term and bridge the time between my undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The project offered me an interesting insight into the why’s and how’s of ecological activism. I especially enjoyed the collaborative work we did together with the High School of Valongo and different public institutions like the Serralves Museum of Modern Art. 

Marina Girgis



My name is Marina, from Milan, Italy. I completed my degree in Communication, Innovation, Multimodality at the University of Pavia, a small city near Milan. When the opportunity arose to go on an Erasmus Traineeship I wanted to find some place I really felt could enrich me. Even though my field of studies is unrelated it was my personal passion for the mission of Utopia500 that in the end brought me here. This is a place where I feel I can put my skills to good use for something I really believe in. I've had so many great opportunities at Utopia500 to do that and it's amazing to see the results of what we work on. I was lucky enough to be on a great team but above all the work environment is something I aspire to find again in the future. This traineeship has been a wonderful experience, in this gorgeous city, and it gives me hope that we can really bring Utopia to life.

Isabel Relvas


My name is Isabel, and I am from Porto, Portugal.
I completed a semester in Law School at the Faculty of Law in Porto, but decided it wasn´t the right course, so will be switching to Languages, Literatures and Cultures in the Fall, also in Porto. 
Utopia500 became a very interesting opportunity during what would have been my second semester at Law School, to be able to get a broad introduction into studies related to Languages and Humanities. 
And so far, I have had an amazing experience helping out at Utopia500 and its several projects, also learning a lot about the environment and how to be more sustainable, in order to be able to save our planet before it becomes too late. 
I am very grateful for the experience and hope to be able to repeat such an experience in the future, during my Masters or as an Erasmus student. 

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