On the 25th of January, Utopia500 team prepared a debate and presentation for students from two 11th grade classes from Escola Secundária Alexandre Herculano.  These two sessions were promoted by our interns Sara Conesa, Aleksandra Pawlik, Hermine Schwalbe, with the support of Michelle Lezana and Polina Kireva. The goal of this workshop was to find with a mutual conclusion for the question “What is Science-Fiction for?”. We also discussed how we can face the issues presented in sci-fi movies, like climate change, and what we can already start doing in order to protect us and to protect the planet from those phenomena.

During these two sessions students had a chance to actively present their points of view and ideas. They also participated in interactive activities prepared by Utopia 500 team, which were aimed opening their minds about these subjects.

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Just a day after the International Earth Day, on 23rd of April 2018, the Utopia 500 team visited Alexandre Herculano secondary school to present the concepts of sustainability and sustainable tourism to the students of two 11th grade classes. 

The students were very interested and actively discussed the opportunity for the city of Porto to become a good example as a sustainable tourism destination. The topic was found quite relevant, especially in the context of Porto being awarded the title of “European best destination” for three years. Having in mind that the tourist flow is constantly increasing, the presence of tourists in the city is getting more and more tangible for local people.

The focus of the brainstorming and the discussion with the teenagers was about the possible positive impact on the environment and the local community that tourism can have (as opposed to the negative impact of overtourism, for example). The students had to “step into the shoes” of tourists and try to imagine how they could behave in order to be aware, respectful and concerned visitors of any touristic site. Then, they had to think of themselves as already grown-up citizens of Porto and how they could influence the decision-makers, on one hand, and also the businesses, related to tourism, on another, in order to secure the sustainable future of the city and this sector.

The workshop was organized by the following trainees at Utopia 500: Timea Varga, Hermine Schwalbe and Polina Kireva, with photographic support of Catarina Gomes.

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